The Redrock ranges of blockcutters are both powerful and durable. The broad range has been designed to suit all types of farms from the large-scale dairy to the more modest smallholding.

Redrock ranges are designed to work with tractor loaders to farm handlers.

The Redrock blockcutters range from 85 series,100 SERIES to 130 series opening width and working widths 137cm to 300cm.




The Redrock range of tankers is covered with , non recessed single axle range,recessed single axle and the tandem or tri axle range.

The Redrock slurry tanker range is built to the highest quality. Rolled from 6mm steel, all the tanks are welded both internally and externally and include 4” x 2” channel rings welded inside the tank for extra strength and a longer service life. The Redrock body, wheel arches, supports and draw-bar are designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards to maintain rigidity, reliability and road-worthiness year after year.

*All tankers come standard with double pipe hooks, hydraulic change over and trailing shoe/dribble bar brackets.

- Redrock 2500 gallon tanker, stepped axles, 800 tyres, air brakes, front sight tube, wide angle pto fitted with a mastek professional universal dribble bar

- Redrock 2250 gallon tanker, stepped axles, 800 tyres, full front sight tube, wide angle pto, side door.

-Redrock 3500 gallon tanker with 8inch loading, steering axle, side door, on750/60x30.5 tyres


Redrock feeder wagon
paddle-mixer-feeder-banner-1024x481 (1)


The Redrock range of mixer/feeder wagon consist of vertical auger single or double and the paddle mixer/feeder wagons and have mixing capacities of 10m3 to the large 30m3 capacity.


The redrock machinery have a range of slurry pumps/mixers with the mega flow, standard flow and super flow models.


  • All models galvanised as standard

  • Streamline piping

  • Larger gearbox

  • Quick attach bar

  • Adjustable depth by 9”

Model Type

Standard flow 75 HP 3000 G/Min (13,600 litres)
Super flow 100 HP 3600 G/Min (16,300 litres)
Mega flow 150 HP 4750 G/Min (21,500 litres)


  • Available in sizes from 7ft or 8ft

  • Top fill or mix only

  • Three Point Linkage

  • Offset Nozzle

  • Standard Safety

  • Top Fill Option

  • Varying Tank Depths

Durable 5mm piping Top fill or mix
Quick release bar to ease implement attachment Slat lifters
Galvanised as standard 90 degree bend c/w layflat hose
Fits into standard safety man holes 16’fill pipe

Redrock Trailers

The Redrock range of trailers consist of dump, lowloader, silage and grain trailers.

redrock silage trailer


  • Air/Hydraulic four ram braking

  • HD hitch eye

  • LED lights

  • Auto silage gate latches

  • Commercial 10 stud sprung axles c/w 420 x 180 brake

  • Perspex front window

  • Twin tipping rams

  • 560/60 x 22.5 wheels


  • Grain chute

  • Hydraulic four ram braking

  • Roll over cover

  • Hydraulic Grain Door

  • Hydraulic silage gates

  • Air and hydraulic brakes

  • Load sensing on sprung axles

  • ABS braking system

  • Euro fail safe brake system

  • Commercial steering rear axle

  • Various wheel options

  • Superior Design Techniques

  • High Speed Commercial Axles

  • 150mm Taper

  • High Quality Pressed Steel


180/18.0 18’0x7’9” Tapered 25.9m³/36m³ Sprung only
200/20.0 20’0x7’9” Tapered 28.8m³/40.0m³ Sprung only
220/22.0 22’0x7’9” Tapered 31.7m³/44.0m³ Sprung only

Redrock Dump Trailers

Redrock trailers are designed and built to operate in the most demanding of agricultural environments. Superior design techniques are applied to all aspects of the trailers from a strong and stable chassis to the tough, modern body. Available in 14, 16, 18, 20 & 24T Tonne models.


Redrock Lowloaders

For the toughest jobs, you need the toughest trailers. The Redrock Low Loader range is designed for strength, durability and a trouble free work life. With a 13 degree loading angle, loading and unloading is easily accomplished. Load carrying capacities are from 14 tonne.

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